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►Bicycle Storage - If you have used the bicycle storage area in the parking garage and no longer have any need for that storage please return the key to our Building Engineer so that it may be used by others.

►Condo Remodeling & Renovation - Marina Park homeowners have certain requirements to adhere to prior to & during any remodeling or renovation to their units.  Please see important notice from Stratus Management.  Go to the Forms section of this website for printable Remodeling/Renovation Forms.

►Entry Exit Gates:  Please note that Gate # 8 near the corner of State & G Sts is locked on the outside from 10 pm - 6 am daily. 

►Fitness Facilities & Saunas - Please take care to observe all policies and procedures regarding the use of our Fitness rooms and Saunas.  These facilities are for the benefit of all residents of Marina Park.  Please do NOT turn the power off to the treadmills & exercycles.  The power to this equipment should be left ON at all times.

►Guest Parking Procedures - Procedures are based upon established HOA policy, the CC&Rs, the By-laws, the Marina Park Regulation Manual of June 2004, and subject to towing signs posted in the garage.  Click here for all of the details.

►Loaner Medical Equipment Service - Walkers, Wheelchairs, etc are available for temporary use of our residents.  Just contact the Lobby Desk for details.  This is a free service.   Donations of any such equipment is always appreciated.

►Maintenance Requests - Homeowners & Residents are encouraged to report common area maintenance concerns & other comments to the Association Office by calling 619-233-0553 ext 302, taking a Communication Memo to the desk in the Lobby or using the on-line form & clicking send.

►Moving-In & Moving-Out - All residents moving into out of Marina Park Condos have certain obligations that need to be followed.  Click here for detailed instructions.

►Recreation Room Reservation - All residents of Marina Park are able to use the Recreation Room on a first come first serve basis.  To reserve the room for a specific time and day please contact the Lobby.  There is a refundable Cleaning Deposit required.



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