Marina Park Homeowners Association


Request for Extended Parking (2 to 10 days)


  • Homeowners may request extended parking for guests visiting from 2 to 10 days
  • The form shown below is available (triple carbon) from the Lobby Desk
  • The host homeowner should fill out the 2 top sections:

1) Host Information and 2) Guest Information ahead of time and leave at the desk

  • Guest will complete the Vehicle Information section upon arrival
  • Confirmation completed by Lobby Guard
  • White original goes on the dashboard of the car
  • Yellow copy is kept by the Guard
  • Buff copy is for filing


An exception requesting more than 10 days must go to the Board for Approval


1. Marina Park Host Information

Name of Resident Host:                                                                                                   

Building Number:                            Unit Number:                                    

Phone Number:                                                  


2. Guest Information

Guests Name(s): ____________________________________________________________

Length of Stay:          

From: ______/______/_______      To: ______/______/_______

             mo      day     year                  mo       day       year


3. Vehicle Information

Make:                                                                              Model:                                       

Color:                                                              License Number: _______________________

                                                                                          Date:            /           /              

Signature of Guest                                                                          mo       day        year


4. Confirmation  (to be completed by Lobby Desk)


Date Issued:           /            /                 Parking Space Number:                    

                                  mo       day      year